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Newsletter date: Sept   2010
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Hello all and welcome to the October 2010 Mid Peninsula Muscle car club  update. There is still plenty of fun car shows and events left in this year for your viewing and driving pleasure.

To start off check out the latest pictures in our MPM online photo album!

This Saturday the 25th of September If anyone is looking for a fun way to spend the day, come over to the St. Veronica's festival in South San Francisco. There is lots of great stuff to do and you can check out the car show too and see some cool rides, like mine of course. :^)
Here's a flyer for the event:

Also that same day is the "Rally For San Bruno". The Event  will be to raise money for the community and a day for the residence to come together.  Live Music, Food, Drinks, FUN all while giving to a great cause!
(raffle, silent auction, beer pong dpdgeball, Music, performers, kiddie corner, wine, beer, food......)

Ways we will be collecting for the charity:
Through sales of beer, wine, raffle tickets, auction items, dodgeball, beer pong- other ways to donate: donate raffle items, donate auction items, and donate on sight.

Start Time: NOON

Location: San Bruno Recreation Center

After the daytime events on Saturday join us as we do another always fun cruise on the El Camino Real in San Mateo, Ca. If you have not been to one yet nows the time to come out and enjoy this good weather and neat vehicles. Seems most hit the streets around 7:00PM or so and stay untill the gas money is gone! Oh and make sure your cars, trucks or bikes are all in good running shape with no lights out or missing safety features so you can not worry about any hassles on the road.

     ON THE BOULEVARD in Milpitas, CA - 9-25-2010
"Autos On The Ave" in Los Gatos, CA - 9-25-2010
ON THE BOULEVARD in Milpitas, CA - 9-25-2010
Fourth and Sea Sunday Cruise In in Petaluma, CA - 9-25-2010
Orinda Classic Car Show in Orinda, CA - 9-25-2010
Nostalgia Day Car Show in Livermore, CA - 9-26-2010
10th Annual Car Show at the Waterfront Rods & Customs on the Bay in Vallejo, CA - 9-26-2010
F5000 U.S. Formula 5000 Revival Race in Sonoma, CA - 10-01

"Horses to Horsepower"  
  Sunday Oct 3, Gates open at 7am
Sequoia HS    Fundraiser
Redwood  City, CA  650 368 8212
Any year make model vehicle welcome
100 awards    2 award ceremonies    The purple parade
club with the most entries day of show $100
Special Mustang memorial award first year
Leadfoot "Ladies Only" Awards (2)
Pre. Reg entries only entered in drawing for $100 cash prize    
Please note the MPM club will be doing our usual pre Horses to Horsepower BBQ  for all who would like to stop by on Saturday October 2nd and join us. It's a potluck dinner so bring something to share and hang out with us. The grilling starts around 5:00PM or so and goes untill dark. You can also leave your car or truck there on site  as i will be staying overnight as well in the MPM home tent.

SAT,SUN    OCT 9,10.  HOT RODS AT THE BEACH, pre reg required. 1 866 8HOTROD    WWW.hotrodsatthebeach.com 

Please Save the date for SATURDAY, October 16, 2010,  
We are happy to let you know that YES, Jimmy’s 22nd Annual Old Car Picnic WILL be held this year! 

Speedway Meadow, Golden Gate Park, San Francisco!

This year brings some changes. Jimmy and his family have stepped back from organizing the event and have handed it over to a very capable group of friends--car people who have attended the Picnic for many years.

Jimmy & family will be advisors to this new team

- Note that the Picnic will be held on a Saturday, not Sunday, as in years past.
- SF Rec & Park raised our permit fees through the roof! The admission fee for this year’s Picnic will change and we’ll let you know how much it will be once it is confirmed.
- They are also looking for sponsors! If you know of a business that would like some exposure at this great event, just drop us a line.

If you decide to sponsor, you can mail a check and your handout materials to you will get a receipt in the mail.
Frank Kozik
C/o California Choppers
1490 Howard Street
SF   CA 94103

Sunday October 17    8am-3:30
Car show and BBQ
So San Francisco, CA Elks Club  #2091
920 Stonegate Dr.
Proceeds to Elks Charities
sponsors Golden State Rods
INfo, Ron 650 589 5911    John 650 589 9123    Evelyn 650 589 4030
limited space Hurry We might sell out


The Last Originals car Club and Red's Java House  cordially invite you and yours to Red's Java House Pier 30 San Francisco, Ca.
Saturday October 23rd starting at 1:00pm....for a great gathering of cars, music, food, pin-ups and more cars....so get your ride out and cruise on down to Red's for good times. $10 for parking.

      Toy and Food Drive Car Show
November 6th at the Santa Cristo hall in South San Francisco, Ca. 
Contact Ray Camacho at 650 589 8930 or rays1954nomad@hotmail.com
for all the deatils.

Here's how to remove a "frozen" threaded fastener:

Heat the stud red hot with an oxy-acetylene torch (use neutral or carburizing flame) immediately adjacent to the gasket surface. Tap the end of the stud with a hammer. Use a light blow. Let it cool to room temperature. This process causes the stud threads to break loose and shrink. You should be able to grab it with a ViceGrip plier (or two). Apply torque and simultaneously tap the end of the stud with a hammer. Use a moderate blow. You'll probably need a helper.

DO NOT attempt to turn the stud until it cools completely, or you *will* snap it off!

Heating expands the stud, which is constrained by the surrounding casting. The softened threads deform and the stud permanantly elongates. As it cools the threads shrink in diameter. Tapping with a hammer when hot helps the threads deform, and tapping when cold applies vibration to break the thread loose (similar to an impact wrench). Heating and slow cooling the stud also changes the microstructure of the metal such that its softer and weaker.

Be patient! Let it cool completely!

If it didn't loosen or snap off, you can try heating the casting around the stud, but not the stud itself. This expands the casting to a larger diameter, and loosens its grip on the stud. Use the same ViceGrip and hammer procedure after the casting is warm. You can also cool the stud with an ice cube, just don't cool the casting. If you heat the casting, you must turn the stud as soon as the casting is hot. Do Not Delay! If you delay, wait for the parts to cool to room temperature and start over.

These heating methods will successfully loosen 80-90% of "frozen" threaded fasteners without damaging the part. I use the same methods to loosen rusted brake bleeders (haven't broken one in over 20 years). With brake bleeders though you *must* use a 6-point box wrench or socket. A 12-point tool will round off the flats and make removal much more difficult.

As for the torch, I recommend using a cutting tip, but do not hit the cutting oxygen trigger. The six preheat flames will quickly heat the part. After you use these methods a few times it will become second nature and you'll get a feel for how hot, how long, how much torque and how much hammer blow is required.  The ViceGrip needs to have sharp teeth on the jaws. Buy a new one if necessary. I prefer the curved jaw of a #10CR or #10WR. Clamp it on as tight as you can, in the deepest part of the jaw.

See you all on the road again soon!!